Developing Listening Skills 3- 2nd Ed, (AUDIO +Transcripts and Dictations)

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Developing Listening Skills 3- 2nd Ed, (AUDIO +Transcripts and Dictations)

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Developing Listening Skills 3- 2nd Ed, (AUDIO +Transcripts and Dictations)

Writer : Casey Malarcher
ISBN : 978-1-59966-528-3
Target : Pre-intermediate
FK Level : 3.32
0p │ 210*278

• Authentic dialogs
• Full-color illustrations and photographs to aid comprehension
• Supplemental listening activities related to the topic
• Listening quizzes and unit exams to check learning progress
• Real world listening practice, featuring interesting and useful topics
• Discussion questions to develop students’ speaking and listening ability
• Separate Transcripts & Answer Key
• Extra dictation activities available online

Unit Structure
• Warm-up: 3 warm-up activities
• Listening Practice: Finding right answers or questions, Describing picture
• Speaking Practice: Intonation or Pronunciation Practice + additional activity
• Short Dialogs: Listening to 3 different short dialogs and answering the questions

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